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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Peter,

    We will have the option of customizing the orientation of your data fields in the future. This is something that we have planned in our pipeline.

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    zvone jankovic

    Oh yes. Please, make it in new update....

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    Scott Hutchinson

    Have just received my Karoo2 and still within the 45 day trial period. I'm already concerned about no choice for day/night background theme, but the right hand justification look plain wrong in my view. 

    Can you provide an update when this will be offered? 

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    I'm guessing you're coming from a Garmin device where pretty much every data field is centred?

    There are loads of posts about data field justification on here. There are also very good reasons for right aligning many of the values (primarily to prevent the units, tens, and hundreds from jumping around all over the place as the values increase and decrease).

    In the meantime, I'll just leave this here:

    Wahoo get it. ;-)

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    Scott Hutchinson

    I have seen the other posts Steve and as the Admins had suggested there was development on this very point, I replied to an existing post as there hadn't been any updates for a couple of months.

    I also saw your post on this subject on another thread with the rationale. Clearly other users want the functionality and I have never had a problem with screens 'jumping' on any Garmin I've ever used. Personal preference on a customisable device is an entirely reasonable request.

    As for posting this image, by implication you're suggesting I 'don't get it'? Slightly condescending and not particularly welcoming for a new community member to receive.

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    Reinhard Plietsch

    TO ALL who want to support this request: Pls focus your votes on this request: https://support.hammerhead.io/hc/en-us/community/posts/1260803144990-Use-the-Space-How-it-is-vs-how-it-could-be-

    Otherwise votes are diluted over many different low-vote requests, however they all target the same big issue with the Karoo software: Waste of space and missing flexibility for data fields formatting / screen real estate economy... The link takes you to the top-rated request regarding this weakness, so let's combine all our votes on this one to finally make the dev team moving - after TWO years of ignoring us...

    Thank you! :-)

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