Feature request : Account switcher

Not planned



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    Hi Guy, appreciate you sharing your thoughts and suggestions directly with us. It is true that this has not been requested by the community before. We will continue to monitor this post and the interests from other users.

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    Bert Marchand


    I'm also looking for an easy way to switch between 2 accounts. 
    At this moment I use the same workaround as Guy, which I found via a Google search:

    But I prefer an easier way:

    • Store multiple accounts (email+ password) and switch between them with only 1 click
    • Autocomplete: Sign out from first account and then when you start typing the email-address autocomplete function give suggestions of already used addresses. And maybe a password manager can be used so password will be filled in automatically

    Nice To Have:

    If there are multiple users, show anywhere on the screen the first character of the username or the account/rider number (1/2/3) so we can easily see if we need to switch between accounts.


    Thank you very much!

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    I am also interested in this feature because I share my K2 with my childrens. Without this feature, there is a problem because their activities appear in my synchronized accounts (Komoot, Strava, ...).

    Therefore an option allowing multiple users would be very much appreciated.




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