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    Daniel Sekera

    I gave up requesting.  They do not care about this.  I pointed out many avenues they could take, and many ways it is handled by the competitors.  They want to believe I suppose that the only people in the world that should actually care about calorie burn will own a power meter.  Me personally I have bikes in my fleet without power meters like the 78 Schwinn I took for a ride the other day simply because I could...for fun...yet I still wanted to see a calorie usage I used my wahoo.  It is just remarkable the things they see no value at all in.  Thankfully my main bikes have powermeters so I only get pissed about this topic when a battery dies and I get nothing.

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    Gianluca Catalani

    Daniel, you are right but... I'm actually short and simple again

    Now i am an happy Garmin user :-)

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