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    Abhishek Anand

    Hey Philipp. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the route import feature. We try to implement a feature that will enhance the user experience.

    I see that you prefer to have the sync button for the route import on the Karoo as well. Since the syncing feature of the route from the third-party website is auto-synced from the Dashboard which requires an active internet connection, we don't have the integration on the Karoo for it. But if the Route sync needs to be done without the involvement of Dashboard, this could be a good idea and I will certainly take this to our Product team to discuss this.

    Besides, I would like to inform you that with the auto-sync feature on the Dashboard, the route will automatically show up on the Karoo. You just need to sync your routes on the Dashboard and there you go!! ready to ride with the route on the Karoo!!

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