Lost Karoo



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    Would be nice a feature indeed, as well if your bike or karoo would have been stolen. Maybe if you have the sim card in it you can locate it through your sim provider see also https://itstillworks.com/12446941/tracking-a-cell-phone-with-a-sim-card-number or https://www.find-my-phone.org/blog/how-to-locate-a-cell-phone-with-sim-card-number/

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    Richard Soltes

    This could also be an app, but would need a SIM, but that adds functionality and value to the underused SIM. (It would be interesting to see the stats on actual SIM use). One of the contentious points  in the Garmin vs Karoo debate is the Garmin's greater use of a BT connected phone and the Karoo's under utilized SIM.


    I too have lost things on the road,

    Gloves, sensors and some lights

    I've lost my way, my girlfriend,

    and my favorite pair of tights.

    Did your mount break, it departed and went flying through the air

    Like it was some avionic that forgot no plane was there?

    I hope it is returned to you, I hope it is restored,

    And you're not retracing moments lost, until no longer sore.

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