Will there be import duties / taxes for non-US customers?




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    Anton Schellekens

    Hi, today I received an email mentioning that I need to pay 75$ for the shipment to Belgium.

    This means a 25% addition to the price of 299$ of the Karoo.


    I read in the answer above the following:

    "For deliveries to Europe, all these above taxes are calculated and added at checkout. EU customers will not have to pay anything extra (duty, EU VAT, Handling charge) apart from their order total to receive the delivery. It will be DDP.".


    Now we need to pay a 75$ fee anyway? 

    Isn't there an option to ship from anywhere in Europe to make all those Europeans having a custom-free delivery?




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    Egbert Stulens

    Same question here. How is this possible ???

    I'm asking for a refund of 75$ and a quick delivery.

    I don't have confidence in Hammerhead, and that's a shame.



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    I have the same question as above.

    Also received that email and i am confused

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