Bug: Dropping a POI Pin triggers a regeneration of route




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    Hi All,

    We have an update to share with you!

    We’ve improved the way Dashboard allows you to edit imported routes. Now, you can add waypoints and Pins without changing the route at all, and any edits to a route will only happen between consecutive waypoints, making it easier to adjust your routes in our Dashboard.

    This was released in the recent Software Update!

    Thank you!

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    Hi Andreas, We have logged this issue with our Product and Engineering team. This will be addressed in one of the upcoming software releases.

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    Thomas Bogaard

    Not ideal, but this is what is use now.

    Import the route, don't edit the route. Make a new route in the HH dashboard. Add all the POI to global, not only to the route. Click done and the POI will also be added to the route. 

    But hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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