Getting SIM Card to show connectivity




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    Erwin M.

    I have a working sim of mokanix.
    The cellular circle is fully white when enable.
    When i press the cellular circle to disable the cellular data, then the cellular circle is grey but without the line trough it.

    On my second Karoo, there is no sim inside, there the cellular circle is greyed out and has a line trough it.

    So it looks that your Karoo not see the sim card. Or maybe you did not set it up correct. (APN)

    I also thought the Karoo can only connect with the 3G network.


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    Matt Jury

    Ok.  Looks like it is working now.  I get a small "3G" logo beside the strength meter now.  It just took a couple hours for the FreedomPop service to kick in.  All good!

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