No difference between paved, unpaved and single-track?




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    Martin B

    That is correct. Only the dashboard (web) version map differentiates between surfaces.

    In other words, when on a ride you put a pin on the map towards you wanna navigate, the K2 itself calculates the route, but DOES NOT care what type of bike you ride.

    Stupid? YES.

    Did HH dev folks promised improvement in this matter? YES. But when, no idea.

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    The Maps are still so bad on the K2 - not really useful for MTB and Gravel. 

    Dear HH Developer - Please take this seriously and finally tackle this big problem. Check out the Komoot's maps - they're so much better than Karoo's!

    Thank you

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    Daniel S.

    I found a solution by editing the .xml theme file for the map.

    There are also a lot of important Poi which I miss like shelters, gas-stations ...

    I hope they will add a lot more Pois to the mapfile, so I could decide which are important for me and not.

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