Karoo stays too long on rerouting




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    Ankit Yadav

    Hey Andreas,

    Thanks for posting!

    We have heard of a few riders experiencing this problem, and I personally experienced it on my ride last weekend, and our development team is working on a solution.

    We have been collecting the data from the following riders and Our team is diligently working on the Karoo 2's re-routing logic and will have this issue resolved as soon as our testing team gives us the all-clear on the update.

    We anticipate that the fix will be included in upcoming software update cycles.

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    Peter Gregory

    I only ride on-road and find my Karoo 2 frequently wants to re-route me. I have a regular route I use and have tried creating the route on https://www.plotaroute.com/ and uploading the GPX file. Using Dashboard I have drawn a new route and have also created a route from a ride. All of them will try to re-route at some point. The really annoying thing is a particular route will try to re-route at different places on different days. There is no consistency.

    Please either add a degree of error between map and GPS (perhaps not for off-road route?) or as has been asked for many times - the option of turning re-routing off.

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