Reroute FAIL again and again




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    I can feel you all too well. This keeps happening to me all the time. The most annoying fact is that the rerouting does not even stop when you get back to the original track again. I also noticed that once rerouted, the original track is no more visible, the only workaround is to stop remove the route and then add it back again. It's simply ridiculous.

    Routing while doing MTB/Gravel paths becomes literally impossible with this unit.

    Please Hammerhead, this sucks! Fix this or add a routing disable feature. I can not understand why a company like SRAM which is heavily involved in MTB and Gravel can let this go on. 



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    Ryan O'Keven

    This began in the September 8th update. I had a lot of emails back and forth with Jami at Hammerhead who said it was being fixed within a few weeks along with some questions, screenshots, etc. That was followed up with an email saying that day's (late September) update fixed it which it did not. I sent another email to Jami who never responded again.

    After multiple additional software updates, how is this still not fixed? My Karoo 2 is useless at routing...for two months now. Just let us rollback the software to the August release.

    I am on the verge of selling this and switching to Garmin, but how could I sell a GPS that is incapable of routing?

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    Piotr Piotrowski

    I think re-routing problems starts with some update at the beginning of 2022. I bought my Karoo in the middle of 2021 and never had problems with re-routing until some spring 2022 update.

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