Compatible SIM Cards




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    I thought T-Mobile SIM cards were what you used during development. What happened?

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    Hi Nicholas Weikel, see the update above with APN settings

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    Paul Freeman

    Telstra card in Australia works fine, but you'll need to set the APN. Check what your phone uses and select the same one. 

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    Tino Todino

    Is freedompop in the UK compatible??

    I can't seem to get a data connection although there is a signal strength bar so clearly something has happened.


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    Russ Sovde

    I just picked up a verizon micro SIM card in the US and tried it in my Karoo.  Available networks that show up are Tmobile and ATT.  So it would appear the SIM card is recognized and interacts with the Karoo software.  However the CDMA piece is missing I think.  Any input from Hammerhead on when you might add this?  It was one of the reasons I bought this thing.  Thx

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    Alastair MacDiarmid

    Three sim works fine in the UK. No need to enter any APN settings, just loaded automatically.

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    Kolos Kéner

    I've tested Telenor HU; Vodafone HU and T-mobile HU SIM Cards in Hungary. None of them worked at all. The "Cellular data" option in the Settings menu is disabled (grayed out), so I don't have the option to change the APN settings. It's like the SIM slot is not recognizing the SIM card at all. Can it be a hardware problem or that's normal, because of the carriers are not on the compatible service providers list?

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